Christmas Supper Dance 2019

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Christmas Supper Dance Held at the Commodore Hotel on 6 December 2019



Despite inclement weather and some confusion over the start time (erroneously specified on the tickets) the dance started pretty much to schedule at 8 o'clock with a welcome by President Neil MacLeod and 75 members and guests welcomed the Charlie Kirkpatrick SDB providing the music on the night. Enhanced by Charlie's craic and the mellifluous tones of Derek Hamilton's occasional vocals the assemblage enjoyed a variety of dances until supper was served at 9 o'clock. Congratulations to the hotel staff for a prompt and efficient service  and a delicious meal.


The raffle took place after the meal with the prize table being particularly laden on this occasion. Of particular note was a delightful log sculpture of a seated figure. Over £120 was raised on the night and thanks go to those who purchased tickets and especially those who contributed prizes.


Regrettably there was no appearance by Santa and his elves this year, Santa and his chief elf having opted instead for a Caribbean cruise (and who can blame them)!


Dancing thereafter continued until midnight with closing remarks and thanks being made by the President before the last waltz and Auld Lang Syne completed a thoroughly evening


The next dance will be the Hogmanay Dance with the Stuart McKeown SDB, an all ticket affair. The next regular monthly dance will be on Friday 31st January in the Osprey Suite at the Commodore as always with music provided by the Nicky McMichan SDB.  


Charlie Kirkpatrick Scottish Dance band


Round The Tables........... 











Birthday Celebrations & Spot Prize Winners.. 

Well Done the Dancers! 

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