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Monthly Function Friday 29th September 2017

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Monthly Function Friday 29th September 2017



Our regular Monthly Dance was held, as usual, within the Osprey Suite of the Commodore Hotel, Helensburgh.

The evening was opened by the Association President, John Johnstone and dancing got underway, to the excellent music of the Steven Carcary 

Scottish Dance Band. With Kevin Milne on drums, Scott Band on 2nd box. 
and on lead accordion, Steven Carcary himself. Great band and we’ll be seeing them again..

A much healthier attendance this month with 74 members and guests. Also a group of very welcome younger guests - keen dancers and a refreshing sight to have them come along and  take part in the evening..Welcome back anytime!

The raffle also did well, raising £200, so thank you to all who purchased tickets and of course all of those who donated prizes.

And a mention for committee member Jim Gray, celebrating his 75th birthday (he has to be kidding!) this evening - Happy Birthday Jim..



Steven Carcary Scottish Dance Band 


 Great to see a bit of Tartan. Well done Ann! 


And now some of our young guests..




Well Done The Dancers! 


Well Done The Dancers!


Well Done The Dancers!Well Done The Dancers!


A couple of very welcome new faces here..From the Capital City of Edinburgh No Less!! 


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Monthly Function Friday 25th August 2017

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Monthly Dance, Friday 25th August 2017



Once again, members and guests gathered for our regular monthly dance in the Osprey Suite of the Commodore Vintage Inn, Helensburgh.

It may be due to the time of year - holidays etc, or just the very poor weather, but the attendance was again dissapointing, with just over 60 in the hall (including all committee members..)


However, a good night was still enjoyed by those present, who were ably catered for by The Scott Band Scottish Dance Band, with Graham Skerrit on drums, 

Bill Euan on the keyboard and lead accordionist, Scott Band himself..

And there were still plenty of dancers on the floor. 


The raffle raised £148 , Thank you again to all those who donated and of course those who purchased tickets. Surplus profits will, as usual be channelled into our annual charity donations.. 


Association President, John Johnstone closed the evening with a vote of thanks to all concerned and we finished as usual with ‘Auld Lang Syne’ (The smallest Auld Lang Syne Circle in recent memory!!)


Hopefully the numbers attending will receive a boost with the offer of free entry to the September Dance, for new introductions from association members…



Scott Band Scottish Dance Band 


Well Done the Dancers! 



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Monthly Function Friday 28th July 2017

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Monthly Dance, Friday 28th July 2017


The regular monthly function Ceilidh Dance was held on Friday 28th July, as usual, in the Osprey Suite of the Commodore Hotel, Helensburgh.  Music for the evening was very ably provided by The Nicky McMichen Scottish Dance Band, comprising, George Gary on drums, Claire Gullen playing the fiddle and Nicky himself on the Accordion..

A fiddle in the band certainly gives the music a new dimension!

The event went very well, though, as can be the case during the summer holiday months, the numbers attending could have been better. Having said that, the floor was filled for almost all the dances..

The raffle did well, considering the lower attendance tonight, with £156 being raised, which will go towards our annual charity donations later in the season. Thank you once again to all who donated prizes and of course, purchased tickets.

Auld Lang Syne brought the evening to an end and guests were wished a safe journey home by our association president, John Johnston.


***In a bid to raise attendance numbers, and encourage new members, any new folk encouraged to attend by existing members, will be admitted free of charge to the dances held in September and October***


Nicky McMichan Scottish Dance Band


Well Done the Dancers! 


 Well Done the Dancers! 


Well Done the Dancers! 



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Monthly Function Friday 30th June 2017

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                                               JUNE DANCE 2017


         According to reports in the popular newspapers, the month of June was the wettest and coldest month ever recorded. Fortunately, the evening of Friday 30th was balmy and encouraged a group of 63 members and guests to the Osprey room of the Commodore Hotel, where they were royally entertained by the Liam Stewart Dance Band Trio. The band consisted of Bobby Stewart on second accordion, Malcolm Ross on drums and of course Liam Stewart on lead accordion. Liam and Bobby hail from Galston in Ayrshire while Malcolm had a good two hour journey from Arbroath (what you might call, dedication)  They are a wonderful band and no wonder.----- Liam was the Scottish Accordion Champion of 2002 and 2013; and it showed.!!!  He recently played at Buckingham Palace for HRH, the  Prince of Wales and 300 distinguished guests.


        The evening was introduced by President John Johnston and the evening assumed its normal format of, dancing  till 9.30pm, tea / coffee /  biscuits, followed by the drawing of the raffle, till 10.00pm. The raffle raised the grand sum of £184, which will go toward our end of year calculation of profit  for the 2018 ’Good Cause’ donatons.

            Dancing then continued till about 11.45pm and the evening was closed by the President who thanked all who had contributed to the success of the evening.

It should be stressed that the evening was thoroughly enjoyed by all, due in no small measure, to the professionalism of the Dance Band. 


             The next dance will be held on Friday 28th July at 8.00 pm. 


Please note.................Membership subscriptions are now due and should be paid within the next two months. The present fee of £5.00 will continue for the next year. 

(For current non-members who attend functions only occasionally, taking an annual membership represents a very good saving on the ticket prices!)    


Liam Stewart Scottish Dance Band 


Well Done the Dancers! 








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Monthly Function Friday 26th May 2017

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                                  Monthly Dance Friday 26th May            


Friday, 26th May was a gloriously sunny day. It was also the start of the May Bank Holiday weekend. The combination of the two, unfortunately proved to be disastrous for the attendance at the May dance. Only forty five members and three non-members turned up to hear the music of the Ewan Galloway Scottish Dance Band, held, as usual, in the Osprey room of the Vintage Inn Commodore Hotel. Nevertheless, it proved to be a real treat, as the band of Kyle Innes, (drums), Bill Ewan (keyboard) and leader Ewan Galloway (accordion), showed that they are one of the best bands in the country dance scene. All three are Fifers from the Glenrothes / Auchtermuchty area, which area is a stonghold of Scottish music.



President John Johnston opened proceedings by welcoming all the dancers and introducing the above mentioned various members of the band. The first half passed very quickly, as usual, and was followed by tea, coffee, biscuits and the drawing of the raffle, which raised the fair sum of £150.




After the interval, the business of the Annual General meeting was carried out, where a new committee was duly elected. The constitution of the committee will be printed on the the 2017/18 Syllabus cards. It was also decided that the annual membership fees will remain at £5.00. The fees are now due and should be paid within the next two months.


Due to the business of the AGM, the second half of the dance started slightly later than scheduled and finished with a vote of thanks to everyone who had contributed to make the evening a success. 


The next function will be a dance on 30th June, when the band will be the  

  Liam Stewart Scottish Dance Band Trio. 


Ewan Galloway Scottish Dance Band 





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